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1. Formation of Committees

I. Institute Anti Ragging Committee

a. The Director of the Institute- Chairperson

b. Principal / HOD of the Institute- Member

c. 3 to 4 faculty members of the Institutes- Member

d. Administrative Officer/Assistant Administrative Officer/ Office Superintendent of the Institute- Member

e. Students’ representatives- Member

II. Institute Anti Ragging Squads

a. To be nominated by the head of the institute with representation as may be considered necessary from the campus community.

b. Each head of the Institute will constitute number of Anti Ragging squads based on number of blocks and strength of the student so that Anti-Ragging measures can be effectively implemented.

c. Anti-Ragging Squads will comprise of senior faculty members.

III. Mentoring Cells

To be established at the end of the academic year with the following considerations. a. Senior students to act as mentors for the freshers

b. One mentor for six freshers

c. One mentor of higher level for six mentors of lower level

d. One faculty member for a group of higher level mentors

2. Roles and Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Committees

I. Institute Anti Ragging Committee

a. To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the institute level

b. To monitor and oversee the performance of Anti-Ragging Squads in prevention of ragging in the institution

c. To take appropriate action in case an incident of ragging is reported by Anti-Ragging Squad of the institute and to further inform/get approval of action to be taken from University Anti-Ragging Committee.



II. Anti-Ragging Squad

a. To make surprise raids on academic blocks/hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents of and having the potential of ragging.

 b. To conduct on the spot enquiry/action in to any incident of ragging if noticed.

c. Anti-Ragging Squad shall maintain the record in the register of the surprise visits.

III. Mentoring Cell

Senior Level

  1. To guide and support as well as to interact with freshers through junior level mentors

Junior Level

a. To mentor freshers , interact with them and to provide congenial and welcoming environment on the campus

3. Action Procedure

a. Anti-Ragging Squad will immediately inquire and report any incidence of ragging or abetment of ragging noticed by them immediately to the head of the institute and also to the Anti-Ragging Committee

b. Immediate action as per the situation will be taken by the Institute Anti Ragging Committee which may include:

 i. Immediate suspension of involved students

ii. Sending reinforcements or any help if required.

iii. Forwarding the report of the incident to the Anti-Ragging Committee of the University.

c. The Anti-Ragging Committee will examine the report and recommend appropriate punishment to University Anti Ragging Committee for approval (Reporting of the matter to the Civil Police or District Administration or lodging of complaint/FIR will not be done without the approval of University Anti Ragging Committee).

d. If any incident, even minor is reported, in addition to action taken with regard to that incidence the anti-Ragging measures will be reviewed and strengthened with immediate effect.

In case of any query or complaint students can contact on 9165344444

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Anti-Ragging Committee
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