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List of Experiments available are mentioned below:

1. Experiment on effects of various drugs (Mydriatic, Miotic and Local Anaesthetic) on rabbit's eye.

     - Epinephrine

     - Atropine

     - Ephedrine

     - Physostigmine

     - Lignocaine

2. Study of Analgesic activity with the help of "Tail Flick Apparatus" (Analgesiometer).

3. Study of Antihistaminic drugs/Anti allergic drugs by mast cell stabilization method with the help of “Histamin Chamber”..

4. Study of Muscle Relaxant activity with the help of "Rota-Rod Apparatus".

5  Study of CNS Depressents & Stimulants Using "Actophotometer".

6. Study of Analgesic activity with the help of "Hot Plate Apparatus" (Analgesiometer).

7. Effect of Different Drugs (Including Saline Purgatives) on Cilliary Motility of Frog Oesophagus.

8. Study of Drugs acting on CNS (Including Anxiolytic Activity) using following modules

    - Elevated Plus Maze Method

    - Pole Climbing Method

9. Study of anticonvulsant activity using "Electro Covulsiometer".

10.Experiment on Effect of various drugs on Isolated Frog's Heart. (DRC- Dose Response Curve)

     - Epinephrine

     - Norepinephrine

     - Isopreneline

     - Calcium Chloride

     - Prapanolol

     - Actyelcholine

     - Potassium chloride

     - Atropine sulphate

11. Experiment on Bioassay of Histamine on the Ileum of Guinea Pig.

12. Simulation of pupil control

      - Simulation  of the effects of the physiological stimuli and drugs on the papillary reflexes.

      - Simulation of the control in  patient with partial parasymathectomy.

13. Experiments on Lagendorff’s Apparatus

      - Effect of coronary vasodilators on isolated heart

      - Effect of parasympathomimetics.

14. Test for pyrogens using rabbits.

15. Experiments on effect of different drugs on Dog BP & Heart Rate.

      - The Effect Of Epinephrine, Acetylinecholine, Atropine On The Arterial Pressure (Dog-Blood Pressure).

      - Simultaneous analysis of effect of different drugs on Dog Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.

16. Effect of drugs on isolated guinea pig ileum (in-vitro).

17. To Study Respiratory depression effect on rabbit.

18. Experiments on oedema formation in rabbit skin

19. Experiments on colonic motility in rat in vitro.

20. Experiments on thyroid and antithyroid drugs

      - The effect of thyroxin, TSH, propylthiouracil, on metabolism.

21. Experiments on blood sugar

      -  The effect of insulin (hypoglycemic activity) and alloxan on blood glucose.

22. Bioassay of Acetylcholine on the isolated rectus abdominis muscle of frog

-       By Matching Method

-       By Interpolation Method

-       By 3 Point Method

-       By 4 Point Method

23. Bioassay of oxytocin on the isolated rat uterine horn by following methods

-       By Matching Method

-       By Interpolation Method

-       By 3 Point Method

-       By 4 Point Method 

24. Bioassay of serotonin on the isolated rat fundus strip by following methods

-       By Matching Method

-       By Interpolation Method

-       By 3 Point Method

-       By 4 Point Method

25. To record the dose response curve and to determine the PD2 value for acetylcholine on frog rectus abdominis muscle.

26. Study of anti-inflammatory activity using carrageenan induced paw oedema method

27. To study PTZ induced convulsions in mice

28. Study of diuretic activity using metabolic cage

29. To study analgesic activity by writhing test.

30. Study of anti ulcer activity - using pylorus ligation method.



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