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Training Policy for Teachers


With rapidly changing technological scenario and ever-increasing global connectivity as well as competitiveness in modern times, the role of technical education in development has become very significant and challenging. Also, as a consequence of intensive technological developments, the concerns of sustainability, environmental degradation, resource depletion and inclusive growth have become more relevant. The need for wellqualified engineers/ professionals is more critical with complex problems that affect the quality of life of everyone everywhere and also for businesses seeking well-rounded engineers and professionals who can take on leadership roles. Further, the concerns for making the educational curricula and training more conducive to the national needs are becoming urgent.

In our country, we have observed that in the past few decades there has been a spectacular increase in the number of technical institutions. However, the thrust on improving the quality of education in such a wide spectrum of institutions has been lagging. A large number of technical institutions exist in the country where a huge number of teachers are employed and being recruited [Numbers available in AICTE website]. It is estimated that at present, around 30,000 teachers are being recruited afresh every year in these institutions. The technical institutions provide the technical manpower needed to meet the requirements of the country. In these institutions, the most important component of the information knowledge transition is facilitated by the teachers. The teaching professionals or teachers join this profession immediately after the completion of their post graduate or research degrees and then progress in their career. As of now, there is no training, which prepares them to take on the role in the teaching profession.

The AICTE council in its 49th meeting held in March 2017 comprehensively deliberated on these issues and after several discussions held with stakeholders in technical education, approved a package of effective measures for improving the quality of technical education in the country.

We have instructed and aware our teachers For :

  1. Need of Technical Teacher Tanning.

  2. To participate in FDP (Faculty Development Program).

  3. Carry out meaning full R&D.

  4. To acquire the skill of analysis.

  5. To cater effective classroom interaction.

  6. Orientation in Human Values.

  7. Continuous Teaching Learning

  8. Feasible mechanism to effectively implement the desired teaching.

  9. To participate in Faculty Induction Program (FIP)

  10. Work on Creative Problem Solving methods.

  11. Effective Modes of Student Assessment and Evaluation

  12. Visit and Participate at Institutions with National Importance.



Shri Pramod Gugalia


Teachers Training Policy
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